When she isn't teaching yoga and fitness classes, Liz mostly spends her time studying. However, on the first Thursday of every month she crawls out of her hovel of textbooks, squints at the sun, and makes her way to Blingo and to stun the world with sass and class. When not doing the aforementioned things she likes eating carrot cake, watching Teen Mom 2, and getting overly hyped up on coffee. 


Scott is the reigning "Blingo King of the North (of Hinkley)". Having an ENORMOUS head, he's able to wear many hats at once. When not calling B-4 and B-After, he can B-Seen performing on one of the local community theatre stages, talking to himself on Twitch, or enjoying some of the awesome musicians of Duluth.

Yes, he regrets those B-jokes.

Speaking of the letter B, Bent Paddle Brewery is the Blingo Base for Duluth! You can join the party on every third Friday of the month from 8-10PM.


ll, dour-faced and slouch-shouldered actor who has proved himself in both gritty dramatic roles and as an actor with wonderful comedic timing. He made his first stage appearance at the age of 17 and plodded away in small theater shows for over 20 years. He may also have stolen everything you've read so far from Abe Vigoda's bio. Oh well.

If you are looking for Benjamin, he has retired from his main gig but still remains a loyal sub for team Blingo.


Lewis is a loudmouth. Like, professionally. When he's not using his outside voice to talk about which pop punk band put out the album of the year, you can find him hosting the New Sh!t Show Minneapolis, publishing books at Beard Poetry, writing poems on sticky notes, and preparing to open a new performance space in Uptown. Indoors, he lives with his partner, their tiny dog, and their many bicycles in South Minneapolis. As a Blingo sub, he's a bit of a floater. No, not that kind of floater. Don't make it weird.


​Outside of hearing Tiffany on the microphone at bingo, you can catch her regularly on her yoga mat or on the arena floor for the Minnesota Timberwolves as an entertainment action pack member. Wherever you see her, be sure to say hi! Tiffany loves to meet new people and constantly expresses gratitude for everything in her life. Tiffany enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching The Walking Dead, sipping coffee, and traveling. 

Be sure to check her out every Wednesday at the Green Mill in Saint Paul for bingo fun starting at 9 pm. 


With the addition of Blingo host to her resume, Kate's transformation to Granny Extraordinaire is almost complete. An avid baker, knitter, gin-and-tonic drinker, and hugger, she came to the Twin Cities last year to find out what all the cool young kids are doing these days. If you like beer and B-based puns, join Kate at Lakes & Legends every Wednesday at 7pm!


The Matriarch of Blingo (named so by Ben), Elle has been making people blush with "O-69" for almost a decade. During the day she is molding the minds of our youth. At night or on the weekends, there is usually a Bloody Mary in her hand.